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How to make vegan cheese

Have you ever wanted to make vegan cheese? That’s exactly the motivation that helped Anderson to create Cashewbert. 


In this online cooking course, Anderson shows you how you can easily make vegan cheese based on cashews and almonds yourself. Anderson shows you step by step in the recipes and videos how to prepare the vegan cheese alternatives and what you need for them. In addition to the recipes, you will find a lot of tips & tricks for production as well as recommendations for storage and maturation.


In this online cooking course, Anderson shows you how you can easily make vegan cheese based on cashews and almonds yourself. In addition to the recipes for vegan Camenbert and blue cheese, Anderson also shows you alternatives to cream cheese, ricotta or delicious yogurt and quark! 


Have fun trying it out and we look forward to seeing you!


Anderson Santos - Cashewbert

Anderson Santos

In 2015, Cashewbert’s founder, Anderson Santos, wanted to make proper vegan cheese. In order to do that, he travelled to Switzerland to learn traditional cheese making. Back to Berlin, Germany, Anderson Santos, applied those techniques to vegan fermentation and decided to share that knowledge in many workshops all around the world.  

Anderson lives and works in Berlin.

course content - making vegan cheese

Welcome & Introduction with Anderson

basics of vegan cheese making

vegan cheese starter kit

how to store vegan cheese

trouble shooting

Cashewbert – vegan Camenbert

Bluebert – vegan blue cheese

Cashew cream, fresh cheese and ricotta

Wowgurt and cashew quark

almond quark

frequendly asked questions - how to make vegan cheese

You do not need any previous knowledge for the online cooking course. In the videos, Anderson explains all the preparation steps to you so that you can easily copy them. Depending on how practiced you are in the kitchen, it goes a little slower or faster. Since you can work with the videos at your own pace, this does not matter for the preparation of the recipes.

Only a few utensils are required for the recipes. This includes a good blender, some bowls, and a thermometer if necessary

For the production of vegan cheese alternatives you need some special ingredients. This includes the right bacteria, enzymes and mold cultures. In the course, Anderson will introduce you to the products that go with the recipes. You can purchase all of these online from him.

You have the opportunity to contact us directly at any time during the course. We will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can of course always reach us at